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Non-Package details Set in the heart of the Aberdare National Park, iconic and yes, quirky, The Ark overlooks a floodlit waterhole and salt lick, which attracts a host of awesome wildlife. Resembling and named after Noah’s Ark, The Ark comprises of three decks from which numerous balconies and lounges provide a superb location for wildlife to be seen. The Ark has four viewing areas for observing the ever-present animal activity. There is also a ground level bunker – the perfect hideout for the discerning photographer. This is a circular pillbox-like structure, and it is from this vantage point that pictures of animals on the salt lick only yards away may be taken through the view holes in complete safety. As Monty Brown describes in his book, “Haven Under the Hill”: “In this intimate recess one can almost, but not quite, pat the animals, hear their sounds and smell the aroma of the night. This is a magical corner, where there is close contact with the essence that tells of an unexplored Africa, and where, very often, the visitor may enjoy in solitary state the beauty of it all.” So that you don’t miss any animal sightings, the night guard will buzz your room when special animals come to the waterhole. There is even a live webcam so that you can enjoy viewing the animals whether at The Ark, or at home. Please log onto The Ark’s website to view the webcam ( The sister property to The Ark, The Aberdare Country Club, is a perfect place to spend an afternoon, or to go have lunch, and is a short distance away. There is even a golf course for those keen! A shuttle bus will take you to the Country Club from The Ark, so that you can relax in the new Health Club and Spa, or go horse riding along-side giraffes and other animals that are home to our private sanctuary. The Ark has 60 “cabin-style” rooms. Recently refurbished, the style of each room reflects the idea of being on a ship and each room has the same features. These include an ensuite bathroom, windows with a view facing the forest or waterhole, a buzzer system to announce the arrival of special animals at the salt lick and waterhole. The room options comprise the following: 6 singles with single beds 37 twins with two single beds 8 doubles with a queen-sized bed 9 triple-bed cabins with three single beds Please note: The triple-bed cabins are the best rooms for families All the rooms are on different ‘decks’, again reflecting those in a proper ship, and ‘Deck C’ is accessible for those requiring handicap facilities. Lodge Amenities • Sitting and viewing deck on all four levels • Bar • Curio gift shop - offers local Kenyan curios, safari wear, essentials and toiletries • Set menus, buffets, and theme nights from different countries • Beautiful fireplace / lounge area • Complimentary Wi-Fi in public areas Covering altitudes from about 7,000 feet to 14,000 feet above sea level, the Aberdare National Park is located 200 kilometres / 162 miles from Nairobi. Since the 1950’s, Aberdare National Park has been a major attraction and continues to be a favourite destination of travellers who love the outdoors and wildlife. This area is also historically significant for being the birthplace of Kenya’s independence movement. Wildlife Visitors can observe different animals, such as elephants, leopards, buffalo, rhinos in the park. These animals come to the water hole and can be seen from the comfortable,secure places nearby. Elephants dominate the water holes and salt licks. There are other animals that come to drink water such as hyenas, which have to contend with elephants chasing them off at great speed. Some animals such as leopards are shy, however, they are very often seen during the morning and evening safari drives. While doing safari drives, you may see some of the various monkeys, such as the colobus and vervet monkeys, for whom the Aberdare National Park is an ideal habitat. Many birds are also found here. In the forest there are many animals like Red Duiker, Suni, bushbuck, elephant, buffalo and leopard. The moorland thickets are the home of Reed Buck and Black-fronted Duiker and also the Black Rhino. Mammal species - 44, Bird species - 290 Safari drives Half or full day safari drive to the The Salient and The Moorlands in Aberdare National Park. Search the plains for a plethora of animal activity, and capture that perfect photograph to take home. Game drives to the Solio Ranch, a private sanctuary between the spurs of the Aberdare Mountains and Mt. Kenya, are possible too. This 25,000-hectare reserve became famous because of its unique success in the rearing of the White Rhino and Black Rhino. Lion, leopards, cheetahs, buffaloes and zebras can also be viewed here in great numbers. Fishing Trout fishing in the Aberdare National Park is very popular, especially high up on the mist-covered moors. Rivers found here are relatively small, as are the fish such as the wild trout, which fight extremely well. The Chania River is especially good for brown trout where a short rod is an advantage as casting is difficult. A ranger is a good idea as we are in a National Park. Coupled with superb views of enormous cascading waterfalls and beautiful scenery these rivers allow the fisherman to enjoy what Kenya really has to offer. The access road is well maintained by park authorities, but during the rainy season a fourwheel vehicle is necessary. Best months to fish: All year round. Altitude: 10,000 ft Species: Rainbow and Brown Trout. Average size: 6 to 8 ounces Hiking to the Waterfalls Hiking or trekking to one of three waterfalls in the area is a great way for the adventurous to get some exercise and do something more rigorous. There are three different waterfalls you may visit. Please do book these excursions in advance as a guide will need to be booked and allocated for your trip. The waterfalls are called Chania, Karura and Gikururu. Bird watching Bird life found in the forest is unique and varied. The most conspicuous group is the sunbird, with four abundant species: Tacazze Sunbird, Golden-winged Sunbird, the Emerald Green Malachite Sunbird and tiny, Double-Collared Sunbird. Suggested activities if you have... 1 day Afternoon safari drive in Aberdare National Park 2 days Full day safari drive in Aberdare National Park + Trekking to the waterfalls 3 days Mountain climbing, Play golf / horse ride experience at Aberdare Country Club + Full day safari drive in Aberdare National Park + full day safari drive in Solio Ranch. 4 days Mountain climbing, golf / horse riding experience at Aberdare Country Club + Full day safari drive in Aberdare National Park + Fishing + full day safari drive in Solio Ranch + Bush culinary experience
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